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Bodegas Nexus & Frontaura has just started harvesting the grapes from the vineyards located in the Apellation iof Origin Toro, while in the following days will begin in the D.O. Ribera del Duero.

A year to aged wines in Toro

In the D.O. Toro is expected to produce about 400,000 kilos, representing a decrease of around 20% compared to previous vintages. The reason is none other than the drought that has characterized this year, in vineyards where it is not irrigated.

Old vines are the ones that have better withstand the lack of water, despite their self-regulation, there will also be less grapes, with yields per strain more scarce than usual.

However, due to the climatic conditions and the soil types on which the vineyards are planted, the quality of the grapes is exceptional. According to the oenologist of the winery, Juan Martín-Hinojal "the drought has caused that the skins are very thick, the result of wines very concentrated and of high graduation, perfect to elaborate wines with ageing potential".

There is no doubt that climate change is affecting vine growing, winters are less cold and summers longer and hotter. Climatology is something that should be appreciated in wines, but the present conditions have not helped the elaboration of wines that the public asks for in general: Fruity and fresh wines, but with personality.

Therefore, in the cellar are carried out techniques that help to minimize excessive concentration and alcohol, such as not performing long macerations or fermenting at about six degrees below than the usual, in order to achieve less extraction and more aromas. Wines in which grape is de most important.

Old vineyard in the D.O. Wheel

Although in the Apellation of Origin Rueda is where the overtaking of the vintage has been noticed, Bodegas Frontaura has a vineyard of more than 60 years in the term of Serrada with old vines that have learned to self-regulate and offer a very similar production year after year. With very low yields, everything is collected by hand in a single day.

As a newness, in the vintage 2017 will be incorporated bigger barrels of 500 liters, as well as light toasts and barrels with unroasted bottoms; in order to get an even finer and more elegant wine.

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